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Date: Sun 19 Oct 1997 - 22:36:35 EEST

Rich "Hasni" Olson

> Unfortunatly, since I have yet to see a Gloranthan
> game where Power spirits are exceptionally rare

OK, Seattle Farmers Collective, is there a single POW spirit in the three
current campaigns (all with different GMs)? I can't remember that there are

any, but I might have forgotten one. This includes the game where all the
PCs were either rune level, or qualified to be.

I'm know there was a spell spirit in my previous game (it knew Healing, and
was bound into a scabbard). I can't remember if there were any POW spirits
in that campaign, I think there may actually have been one.

I don't think there's really a rules problem, it's a question of what sort
of campaign the GM wants to run.

Kevin Rose said

> Farmers have lots more technology. Or to put it more accuratly, the
> average US farmer uses lots more technolgy than the average US soldier
> uses.

That was my first thought -- all those milking machines, tractors,
specialized sowing and harvesting machines, irrigation systems, etc. On the
other hand, the soldier may have a tank, a radio, a rocket launcher... And
the average migrant worker probably has nothing.

But are we interested in modern, or ancient? Let's see, the Celts invented
chainmail, but also a reaping machine, and they had beer technology. Given
the average equipment of a Celtic warrior, the farmer may well have used
more technology.

Military use may have driven metallurgy, but probably not irrigation or
pottery. Military gave us army organizations with their chain of command,
but agriculture must have created something similar where massive
irrigation projects were necessary.

So I'm not sure there's any clear advantage. Luckily, many of the same
spells work for both uses -- the Chase Sheep spell works just as well at
Run Away From Horsemen.

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