Re: Hard Heroquesting

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 01:27:00 EEST

Jeff Richard:
>Jose Ramos wrote:
>>It is re-enactment, but it is also a test. No matter how well he knows the
>ritual, a coward will not >succeed the taming of Storm Bull, unless it is
>such a watered ritual that it is ineffective. And to face the >Bull in the
>Heroplane is much harder than facing it in a temple re-enactment.

>Yes and no. As long as the hero precisely re-enacts the significant
>actions of his god, the result will be repeated.

Only as long as the opposition keeps to the storyline as well. As soon as
the opponent introduces anything new, the tables might be turned.

>>Finding the ritual parallels is important, but just because you re-enact a
>mythical event is no guarantee >of success. If you call a power, you must
>be able to handle it, or fail.

>Re-enactment of a mythical event is of magical significance. Attempting to
>re-enact a mythical event is no guarantee of success, but a successful
>re-enactment is (by definition) successful.

Implying that the re-enactment's opposition does what is expected.


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