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Stephen Martin wrote

> in one place it specifically states that Orlanth's prize at
> the Baths of Nelat was Mastakos the Mover, implying that the gaining of
> wisdom there is only one possible result of this quest.

While I don't recall the reference, I definitely think that just about any
quest can have multiple results, depending on how you approach it. I've
written about this before.

In Jeff Richard's campaign, we had begun the Orlanth and Aroka quest, in
order to kill a dragon. (We had no problems with drought, but there was
this annoying Black Wyrm.) Then Erland Malansson showed up and basically
preempted the dragon killing. We hastily adapted our focus to Orlanth Finds
a New Friend (i.e. Heler), which more or less worked -- nobody could say
the Varmandi clan were friends with the Malani tribe, but while Erland was
king, our relations were much better than before or after. (See
<> for details.)

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