Magic items and Pow Spirits

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 22:36:09 EEST

David Dunham asked:
>OK, Seattle Farmers Collective, is there a single POW spirit in the three
>current campaigns (all with different GMs)? I can't remember that there
>any, but I might have forgotten one. This includes the game where all the
>PCs were either rune level, or qualified to be.

Umm, in the Taming of Dragon Pass campaign I think there are two allied
spirits (a very large alynx and a white pig), a bit of Elmal's blood and a
dragonnewt klanth (that doesn't do anything, but the characters KNOW it is
magical). That's the campaign where all current PC's are rune level or
qualified to be. I think there had been a magic pot of woad and a bag of
winds (a sylph binding matrix) created by a player. That's about it!

>I don't think there's really a rules problem, it's a question of what sort
of campaign the GM wants to run.




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