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Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 21:52:27 EEST

Jane Williams:
>What I can't sort out yet is associations between the five elements and
>the 7 stats. Some can be sorted out from the list above, others I'm
>on - perhaps we need more elements?

Positive Association
STR Earth, Sea
CON Earth, Air
SIZ Earth
INT Fire
POW Spirit, Moon
DEX Air, Movement
APP Earth

Negative Association
INT Moon, Earth
DEX Earth

Mark Sabalauskas:
>It would be nice if the emotional and spiritual
>importance of belonging to cults was highlighted.

Hear, hear! All too often I've seen someone play a shaman and the
theists are queuing up to learn all the spells that they can't get or
can't afford from their cult.

>the Chase Sheep spell works just as well at
>Run Away From Horsemen.

I disagree with this point. Chase Sheep propels the caster towards the
desired sheep at 1m/sr per point of spell on top of his normal movement
rate. Run Away From Horsemen only works when the caster is in a mental
state of fear.

Jose Ramos:
>>a coward will not succeed the taming of Storm Bull,
Jeff Richard:
>Yes and no. As long as the hero precisely re-enacts the significant
>actions of his god, the result will be repeated.

Surely mental actions are as important as physical? Wetting one's trews
is going to have a significant effect on the outcome, IMO.

>most human magic is powered by human POW, the POW that
>you are born with, and this Pow is not Fire Pow, Air Pow, or
>anything, but Human POW.

I'd call it Man POW, Trolls would start with Man POW and Darkness POW,
Elves with Man POW and Plant POW, etc.

Suggested Mechanic: In order to increase any POW stat, the player must
first FAIL an increase roll on his highest other POW stat. This makes
diverse magical powers harder to maintain. There are cult rituals for
disposing of POW from unwanted realms.

I'd also say that any POW can be used to defend, but would suffer a
minor penalty compared to an aligned or opposed rune, which should both
defend at full value.

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