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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Tue 21 Oct 1997 - 00:46:40 EEST

I am trying to get in touch with Dan Barker, and he never answers his
phone. Could some kind intermediate put us in touch? My work number is
1-(972)-960-2700 x.232 Home is 1-(972)-771-7690. Or he could email via a
friend or just tell me what time I can call him.

There has been some comments that Gloranthan RQ has had more magic than
"Greg" wanted. I have two comments on this.
        1) Greg's own house games, at least up to 1988, had plenty of
magic in them.
        2) (personal communication) both Greg & I have agreed that most
RQ games have _less_ magic and are _more_ mundane than the "real"
Glorantha. However, most of this magic isn't combat-effective.
        Glorantha is steeped in magic. It can be found everywhere. Much
of it is useless to power gamers. Examples of what I mean follow. If you
were raised in a Gloranthan town, you might know of ...
... down at the far end of the orchard grows Froalar's Apple
Tree, which sprouted from a footprint of the Saint himself, and which
bears bright blue, instead of red, apples.

... every midsummer, for three or four days, the village is
pestered by visible but intangible fairies.

... the mean old curmudgeon Harn Pigfoot, whose neck is always
festering with boils because he's such a bad person, haunted by impests
which only he can see.
... everyone has to sacrifice to Frog Duchess the first Waterday
of each season, or their wells might run dry. We all know someone to
whom this has happened.
... the Whispering Stone by the waterfall. Anyone sitting on it
can hear it ask three questions. No one has been able to answer the
questions yet. No one knows what will happen if anyone succeeds.

... and so forth
When my players get loot, I try to include magic "junk" in with the
other stuff; glowing snake skulls, pots which change color according to
the day of the week, rocks which stay warm regardless of the ambient
temperature, etc.

Sandy P.


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