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Date: Tue 21 Oct 1997 - 23:30:00 EEST

Steve Martin sighed:
>>But the art is cool,
>>you must admit -- if we could get someone to do art like that for the
>>fanzines, life would be great!

Danny Bourne hickupped:
>Oh boy Steve, you really know how to make friends, are you saying that
>Simon Bray, Ralph Halsley & Dan Barker don't do great art? Surely not,
>I've got some on my games room wall.

Hey, I love the currently used artwork as much as anyone else. However,
what Steve was getting at, is that life would be great if we had _lots_
of such artwork to sprinkle our magazines with. I remember a certain Dan

Barker dragonewt gracing the covers of Free INT (11, I believe, on
white), Questlines I (on yellow), RQ-Con 2 Compendium (also on yellow),
and finally the spoof outer cover of Tales (13? - on yellow, of course).

>FYI If you want world known artists then I can get you people like
>Brian Snoddy, Lissanne Lake, Jeff Menges, Heather McKinney, Lee Moyer
>or Doug Shuler - but it'll cos ya'.

How much, just for information's sake?

Being in the fanzine "business" myself, I'd love a perfect world where we
could pay our artists and authors decently for their submissions, and at
the same time remain affordable. Where we have a couple of computer and

table games to support, a broad public to serve, etc.

Re: Millenium fever!
>VS Greene said:
>> It strikes me that the new game could be titled "Glorantha 2000".
Bill McKinley:
>Please don't get annoyed at me, but a whole host of schlock consultant's
>government/political party policy statements, and the like are called
"<xxx> 2000".

>Can't we call it something original?

Glorantha Third Age? Glorantha 1621?


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