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Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 08:06:15 EEST

**Jane Williams : About healing herbs
You suggested that using the full set of runes could be a better
system. Let's give it a try

Darkness Rune
- -Associations : POW, CON, fat, ear, tongue, communicating, tasting,
smelling, hearing,
- -Plants related : mushrooms, plants with round leaves, plants growing
or blossoming during night, black plants

Water Rune
- -Associations : CON, INT, blood, genitals, fertility, intuition
- -Plants related : young plants, algae, juicing fruits, plants with
wave patterns on their leaves, blue plants

Earth Rune
- -Association : STR, APP, bone, touch, heart, emotions,
- -Plants related : grain, farm plants, plants with axe or sqare shaped
leaves, very green plants (?), copper coloured plants

Air Rune
- -Association : STR, DEX, muscle, nerves, lungs, smell, vitality, energy
- -Plants related : first flowers of the year, pollen, white coloured
plants, plants growing on mountain tops.

Fire/Sky Rune
- -Association : INT, SIZ, brain, eyes, growing up, thinking
- -Plants related : summer berries, sunflowers, yellow coloured plants,
trees with bird nest,

Moon Rune
- -Association : used to equilibrate a mixture of plants in a medicine,
curing madness,
- -Plants related : Plants coming from the moon, red coloured plants,
plants with moon shaped leaves

Plant Rune
- -Association : curing vegetal poison
- -Plants related : very old plants, secret unique plants, 4-leaves clover

Beast Rune
- -Association : curing animal poison
- -Plants related : carnivorous plants

Man Rune
- -Association : raise a stat
- -Plants related : man shaped roots

Dragonewt Rune
- -Association : Curing Dragonewt
- -Plants related : unknown

Spirit Rune
- -Association : dispelling disease spirit
- -Plants related : plants growing in hauted places

Chaos Rune
- -Association : false cure
- -Plants related : Misshaped plants, sick plants

Mastery Rune
- -Association : slowing aging process, memory
- -Plants related : 3 plants growing together

Magic Rune
- -Association : heal magical wounds
- -Plants related : Plants only seen on the spirit plane

Infinity Rune
- -Association : immortality
- -Plants related : Plants only seen on the Hero Plane

Harmony Rune
- -Association : cure many troubles with one potion
- -Plants related : plants growing in old forests

Disorder Rune
- -Association : concentrate the body on a specific trouble
- -Plants related : plants growing after a forest fire

Fertility Rune
- -Association : long term cure
- -Plants related : large specimen of plants

Death Rune
- -Association : instant cure
- -Plants related : moss, dead plants

Stasis Rune
- -Association : stabilisation of effects
- -Plants related : plants growing through rock

Movement Rune
- -Association : greater effects but short term cure
- -Plants related : plants living shortly, moving plants (elves?)

Truth Rune
- -Association : disease analysis
- -Plants related : two headed plants

Illusion Rune
- -Assssociation : illusionary cure
- -Plants related : invisible plants

Luck Rune
- -Association : desperate cure
- -Plants related : plants growing under dolmen

Fate Rune
- -Association : cease pain for dying patient
- -Plants related : star shaped flowers

Using these descriptions you could find a plant related to multiple
runes (like a white flower growing on a mountain top after a forest
fire) and use it alone to cure a disease (like heavy coughing for two
weeks) or mix multiple plants keeping an eye on the compatibility of
the different runes associated to your ingredients (don't mix
sunflowers with the white flower of the mountain top).

If anyone want to complete the list, by adding new associations,
plants related, side-effects or whatever, please do it.

Luc Lavergne
National Animation and Design Centre
Montreal, Canada
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