Stats and Elements

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 14:45:48 EEST

Jane writes:

> What I can't sort out yet is associations between the five elements
> and the 7 stats.

What I've used before, most notably in our "MoonQuest" house rules, is:

        CON Darkness
        DEX Water
        SIZ Earth
        INT Fire/Sky
        STR Storm
        APP *Man
        POW *Magic

I am well aware that there are other suggestions out there, and all manne=
of carping criticisms are possible: this works for me, is all. Compare wi=
the gestation and birth of an infant: first it's *alive* (CON), then the
mother can feel it moving (DEX), then it becomes a great bulky thing for
her to carry around (SIZ), then it's born into the world to open its eyes=

(INT), and finally it starts wailing and breaking things (STR). Being
human, its form is the Man Rune (APP); and its magical power is, of cours=
related to the power Rune of Magic (POW).



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