Re: Herbs again

Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 21:39:04 EEST

 Jane Williams asks about elemental correlations with attribute healing. The
problem being we have more attributes than main elements. Still, we can split
Fire into Light and Heat. In fact, if you really want you can play with
Shadow, Cold and Dust - all technically elemental runes. Anyway, how about:
  STR - Air (from Air = muscle)
  CON - Water (from, rather dubiously I admit, Water = blood)
  SIZ - Earth
  INT - Light
  DEX - Heat (from Fire = sinew)
  POW - Spirit (or something else non-elemental)
  APP - Darkness (from Darkness = communication)
    Jane also mentioned the possibility of using other runes. I suppose one
could use the power runes, but this doesn't 'feel' right. OTOH, it's easier
to think of correspondences:

Life = POW
Death = STR
Motion = DEX
Stasis = SIZ
Truth = INT
Illusion = APP
Harmony = CON
Disorder = something suitably weird

 Forward the glorious Red Army!


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