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From: David Dunham (
Date: Mon 20 Oct 1997 - 22:04:30 EEST

Chris Bell wondered

> Since RQIV is obviously a dead durulz, er, keet, er, ahem :),
> does anyone have a printed or online copy of the AIG rules that they would
> let me take a look at? Shannon, are there still copyright issues and fair
> use quandries concerning RQIV - AIG?

Whether a work is in print or not has nothing to do with its copyright
status. In the USA, works are copyright *before* they're printed.

Fair Use generally lets you excerpt small portions for scholarly works or

So all versions of RQ4 are copyright (possibly by the RQ3 copyright owner,
since they're derivative works), and if their owner doesn't want them
distributed, they shouldn't be distributed.

That said, I believe there may be a copy on lawyer Steve Marsh's site. I
presume he's aware of the intellectual property issues and has permission.

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