Art critique

From: danny bourne (
Date: Wed 22 Oct 1997 - 11:53:28 EEST

Yeah, okay, so this isn't Gloranthan, sorry.

>Hey, I love the currently used artwork as much as anyone else. However,
>what Steve was getting at, is that life would be great if we had _lots_
>of such artwork to sprinkle our magazines with.

Yeah, I knew, it's just that I couldn't help teasing, slap my wrists ;)

>:FYI If you want world known artists then I can get you people like Brian
>:Snoddy, Lissanne Lake, Jeff Menges, Heather McKinney, Lee Moyer or Doug
>:Shuler - but it'll cos ya'.
>Please, Lissane Lake and Jeff Menges are terrible artists. Jeff's claim to
>fame is having done tons of Magic cards in the early days, and frankly,
>he's just not that good. My thoughts on Lissane are even less.

The thing about art is that different people like different things. There
are those that like Phil Foglio, there are those who believe he was taught
by Dobyski. The important thing is that when GtG comes out it does look
good, IMO use people like Roger Raupp (who gave me a signed set of tear
sheets of his RQ covers) and Lee Gibbons (who is brilliant) as well as Dan,
Simon, Ralph and others.

[Joerg Baumgartner]
>Being in the fanzine "business" myself, I'd love a perfect world where we
>could pay our artists and authors decently for their submissions, and at
>the same time remain affordable.

I'd like a world where you could bring out a game idea without being
slapped for creativity by a company that's put out a moronic patent that
hasn't been challenged, that runs a market monopoly which isn't being
challenged. And Heroquest coming out would be nice too...

Sandy, the time to phone Dan is on Tuesday evenings/nights proper UK time,
that's his gaming night. I'll phone him also.


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