Ubiquitous Sacred Time

From: Nick Brooke (Nick_Brooke@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed 22 Oct 1997 - 11:12:54 EEST

Michael wrote:

> I seem to recall that not everyone uses the "5 seasons + Sacred Time"
> calendar, so I suspect that the idea of a sacred time is not universal.=

> But, I'd like to be wrong ... ;)

Heroes Magazine V1 #6 (Hon-Eel's Wane) had an article on the Lunar New
Year Ritual (reprinted in the Megacorp's "Rough Guide to Glamour", coming=

out again next year in a much-improved form), including this:

: Throughout all Glorantha the Rebirth ceremony of the Sacred Time is
: of utmost importance. During the week-long ceremony most god-worship-
: ping peoples act out their most sacred myths of death and rebirth.
: Across the whole world everyone summons their spirits and gods, and
: the physical plane trembles with their presences. Even the cynicism
: of the God Learners never tainted these critically important rites.

The Sacred Time centres on the Spring Equinox, an obviously world-wide
phenomenon. (Just as the almost universal harvest festivals of Fertility
Week in Earth Season centre on the Autumnal Equinox). So it's more likely=

than not that "most" Gloranthans celebrate some kind of festival then,
whether or not they recognise it as "the *most* Sacred time of year".

Even non-"god-worshipping" people celebrate Significant Days: while the
Sacred Time / Spring Equinox celebrations may be less important (or even
frowned upon) in Malkioni lands, there's still likely to be rejoicing and=

egg festivals and maypole dancing and the like out on the village greens,=

except in hard-line Rokari areas under the nose of the Inquisition ("Paga=
Devil-Worship!"). Compare pagan folk survivals in the Real World.



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