Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #190

From: George W. Harris (
Date: Thu 23 Oct 1997 - 03:11:29 EEST

>From: <>
>Subject: Millenium fever!

>VS Greene said:
>> It strikes me that the new game could be titled "Glorantha 2000".
>Please don't get annoyed at me, but a whole host of schlock consultant's
>government/political party policy statements, and the like are called
"<xxx> 2000".
>Can't we call it something original?

        Hmm..., okay. How about Glorantha 2300? Or Glorantha 40K? We
could even go retro and call it Glorantha: 1889!

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Doesn't the fact that there are *exactly* 50 states seem a little suspicious?

George W. Harris


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