Faeries and Sartar

From: Maria or Michael (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Wed 22 Oct 1997 - 10:30:45 EEST

Sandy said:
> ... down at the far end of the orchard grows Froalar's Apple
>Tree, which sprouted from a footprint of the Saint himself, and which
>bears bright blue, instead of red, apples.

Since Sartar was a pretty potent magician and seems to have travelled a lot
around the countryside of his kingdom to be, it seems likely that there
should oodles of local magical/mysterious/haunted landmarks called
"Sartar's [this]" and "Sartar's [that]" or be explained as some result of
an action of Sartar ("That weird standing stone over there? We call it the
Watch Stone. You know, king Sartar came through here once and he was
attacked by ghouls on that very place. Sartar turned one of them into that
stone and geased it to guard our village against the others.")

> ... every midsummer, for three or four days, the village is
>pestered by visible but intangible fairies.

So i can take it from you that there are faerie-like beings/spirits in
Glorantha? I've always expected Glorantha to be filled with them, and have

always been baffled by the lack of nature spirits in official Glorantha.

> ... the Whispering Stone by the waterfall. Anyone sitting on it
>can hear it ask three questions. No one has been able to answer the
>questions yet. No one knows what will happen if anyone succeeds.

The one who answers the questions will free the spirit bound to the
waterfall and will himself become the new spirit of the Whispering Stone.

Michael Raaterova

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