Sacred Time

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Date: Thu 23 Oct 1997 - 07:17:46 EEST

Michael C. Morrison:

>Which got me to
>wondering, is Sacred Time universal across Glorantha? That is, do
>all cultures recognise and celebrate a sacred time at the end of the
>year that's anything like what Chris described?

Michael is correct in that not all of Glorantha recognize the 2-week
Theyalan Sacred Time, though much of Genertela does.

Per the RQ3 Glorantha Book, the Doraddi have a 1-week Holy Week. For
arcane reasons, I believe that this corresponds to the last week of
Theyalan Sacred Time.

Most of Peloria appears to use the Theyalan calendar, due to a lot of
culture mixing in the First and Second Ages.

The Kralorelans do not appear to have any particularly sacred week, per
the Genertela Boxed set.

I have no idea about the Westerners. And I think most non-humans would be
aware of the Theyalan system, but would probably not follow it too

This brings up a question that has bugged me for awhile -- do the trolls
use the Theyalan calendar?

Joerg on Multiple Dragonewt Covers

Let's not bring up this particular issue, shall we? IMO, it could get
kind of ugly.

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