Some strange questions

From: Graeme Willoughby (
Date: Thu 23 Oct 1997 - 16:19:12 EEST

Hi All ,

Here's some questions that occurred to me the other day - I'd be
interested in peoples' thoughts (most of them don't have simple

1) Why do animals die? (they're not decended from Granfather Mortal)

2) Since the Knight caste was invented by Hrestol, what did St Horal do
? (Horal is the 3rd son of Malkion and supposedly Patron of the Knight
caste that was only invented after the Dawn).

3) Who/what is the God of the Silver Feet? He is the God of
Communication of an area that is almost definitively Malkioni and whose
inhabitants don't believe in him (or at least his godhood). It's
calimed that the Ban was caused by his death - how can this be
reconcilled in the West with Malkioni beliefs?

4) anyone got a good definition of "human" for Glorantha? That is , if
you have a gift "double damage against humans" or a geas " never kill a
human" (say) what does this include /exclude? Agimori? Hsunchen?
Hsunchen in were-form? Weartagi? Vadeli? Tusk Riders? Half-breeds like
Pavis (the person) ? Ogres?Human-Broo? Any other near-humans I've

5) Why doesn't Issaries have a doubled "Issaries" rune?

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