TriState RQ

From: Tal meta (
Date: Fri 24 Oct 1997 - 07:11:29 EEST

> From: Chris Bell <>

> One last note... how many Digest subscribers are in the NY/NJ
> Tri-state area? I am desperately fiending to play RQ! ALL my
> gamer friends are World of Darkness or D&D freaks. Ah, to walk
> the plains of Prax again...:)

I'm currently running a RQ campaign in the Toms River (Ocean County)
area. It's not Gloranthan per se (my homebrew campaign world has
Orlanth, and the Lunar Empire, but it's also got Pan Tang and the
Mountains of Madness), but it does have enough stuff stole... er,
borrowed from Glorantha that you won't find it too alien a place.

One of the players currently in the game is from NYC, AAMOF, but he'
also the only player in the group who actively dislikes RQ (the group I
pay with cycles thru GMs, we played AD&D and Shadowrun most recently
before the RQ campaign started) but I should still be running my game
until shortly after New Years.

If you're interested, we can make arrangements for you to come and sit
in/play sometime, and see if it meet with your approval, and vice versa.


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