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Hi all

Here are my 2 cents about magic in Glorantha.

Fist, Glorantha is a world washed by magic, in fact the everything in
Glorantha is magical. This magic may be domesticated. This is what the
wizards do. They study the laws of the world and they use them to their
profits. It means that wizardry (sorcery is an evil magic) can be
learned, researched and trained like any other skill. It explains the
existence of non Malkioni wizards.
An other way to use Glorantha's natural laws, is to attune oneself with
the world. I think that is what kralori mysticism is about. One effect is
the existence of ki powers like those in Land of Ninjas. As for wizardry,
mysticism can be learned, ressearched and trained.

Secondly, in Glorantha the existence of otherwold beings is an objective
Spirit magic is about dealing with spirits. A gloranthan can learn spirit
magic spells, but he can trade with spirits too. Oakfed, one of Prax
great spirits, may allow someone to be surrounded by flames in exchange
of food for example.
Since only shamans can go into the otherworld, they use summoning rituals
to communicate with their spirit friends, and to allow their followers to
be in contact with the spirits. The spirit may not have to come with this
kind of summon. IMG this is how shamans do divinations.

Rune magic (divine magic is too restrictive) is about tying a soul to a
spirit in exchange of the use of his powers. Oakfed gives rune magic to
its worshipers, for example.

Spellteaching allows a priest to teach cult spirit magic to initiates. A
good system is the dhisir spirits from Vicking.

Most cultures in Glorantha use at least 2 of those ways of doing magic.
Even the Brithini summon spirits, and draining magic points from a POW
spirit is spirit magic.

Theists may ask a shaman to teach them magic if they come from a culture
where shamans are accepted.
IMG a Vestmonstran Orlanthi is likely to accept to work with shamans and
to fight wizards, while a Salfestran Orlanthi is likely to work with
wizards and to fight shamans. And they are both theist.

The Harrek counter is 20!! because:
- -Harrek is able to make his ennemies flee in panic, it has nothing to do
with his percentage in claw attack.
- -the counter is Harrek and his companions, all of them being rune level
- -his allies (the regiment stacked with him) fear Harrek more than they
are afraid of dying.



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