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Date: Mon 27 Oct 1997 - 01:52:15 EET

Graeme had some interesting questions.

> 1) Why do animals die?

Because Foundchild/Waha/Zong/whoever used the Death Rune on their
great ancestors, setting up the cycle of death-for-life which is
embodied in oh-so-many animal-dependent cults.

Or, because animals are just like humans, really (Hsunchen view).

> 2) Since the Knight caste was invented by Hrestol, what did St
> Horal do?

Horal ("Saint Horal" sounds wrong to me) was the son of Malkion
who founded the military/soldier caste of the Brithini. Hrestol's
"Knights" were a caste-transcending innovation. Essentially, the
Horali are megadeath-inflicting immortal perfect warriors, while
the Hrestoli Knights are chivalrous, courteous paladins of virtue.
There's a *big* difference.

You'll see spin-offs from this confusion in the modern West: the
"original" Hrestoli of the Castle Coast still practice the "Old
Hrestoli Way" where Knights are those who have mastered the arts
of all four castes, while in Loskalm there is still a difference
between Farmers, Soldiers and Knights. Loskalmi or Castle Coast
Seshnegi complain that the "Knights" of Rokari Seshnela lack any
sense of chivalry, etc. "Of course," say the Rokari. "Is this
so-called 'chivalry' mentioned in the scriptures of Malkion?"

My Homepage <>
has a link to the "How the West was One" sect writeup of Old Sesh-
nelan Chivalry (the Castle Coast religion), and Tales #13 had a
full writeup of modern Hrestoli Idealism from Loskalm, stating the
differences between Soldiers and Knights in that land.

There were Brithini soldiers before the Dawn; calling their caste
"Knights" is something invented since. I cannot recall seeing any
mention of Brithini cavalry, BTW: there may be a story in this.

> 3) Who/what is the God of the Silver Feet?

Exactly what he's stated to be: a local "god" of communication. The
ritual which summoned him is stated to have been a blasphemous,
sorcerous conspiracy: I have always found it useful to compare the
God Learners with RW demonologists. The Syndics were meddling with
powers they *knew* good Malkioni weren't supposed to touch with a
proverbial ten-foot pole; consider what was at stake for their land,
though, and you can see why they stepped beyond the pale.

> 4) Anyone got a good definition of "human" for Glorantha?

Tee hee... wars and pogroms and schisms start over things like
this. Taking your "double damage" example, I'd go like this (quite
frivolously, I assure you):

Agimori: as "Men-and-a-Half", they take 2.5x damage! (The power-
gaming munchkins who take Agimori characters deserve no less).

Hsunchen: Entirely human. And maybe their animals are, too!

Waertagi, Tusk Riders, Kitori: half-human; 1.5x damage?

Vadeli: exactly as human as the Brithini, for what that's worth.

> 5) Why doesn't Issaries have a doubled "Issaries" rune?

He sold his spare one to Argan Argar.



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