Farmer majicks in Sartar

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Date: Mon 27 Oct 1997 - 18:21:43 EET

 Thomas Gottschall wrote:

> Is this really so ? Are not Barntar & Ernalda two of the most worshipped
> gods in Sartar ? I can quite easily see the worshippers having a lot of

 They are gods, not farmers. God of farming is a bit different from
 farmer. Besides, I have thought of farming magic as a sort of
 communal magic, so that no-one in particular would cast any spells.
 They just went to the temple and did their thing, the spells come
 as a bonus for pious worship, without casting. Sort of a blessing.

 Thus their personal magical power would be rather small.

> bless the crops, one to make your scythe sharper, one to make the tools

 These would work as a communal magic, too. Other option would of course
 be gnomes, who could be gotten into household with sacrifices of food
 etc, and they would cast the magics. It seems ridiculous to me, that
 while plowing, Farmer Joe would mumble some plowsharpening spell every
 five minutes! It propably would not be needed so often, but still.

> Now why should a part of the populace who is needed in times of peace
> and war have less magic than the ordinary warrior ? Would not rather the
> opposite be the fact ?

 Warriors are always needed in orlanthi communities. They are almost
 always very highly respected houscarls, not some killer loonies.
 I think their personal magical power would be higher than average

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