Lunar magic, illumination

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Mon 27 Oct 1997 - 18:21:16 EET

 David Cake wrote:

> Lunars are simply able to manipulate deeper secrets, because they have more
> insight. I don't mind current Lunar magic because it implies that the
> Lunars can really use all sorts of magic, but they have a greater insight
> and ability than others, which sounds alright to me.

 Illumination is just a step, agreed. But most do not go the whole way,
 to godhood. I correct my opinion... Lunar magic is to help on the
 path to godhood. All kinds of stuff. To me just occurred that some
 'spells' of lunar magic could well be inspirations. When a guardian
 on Heroplane asks you a riddle (non-illuminating one), the spell
 works for you, gives some inspiration, and you figure out the answer.
 As draconic magic grows you scales and wings, should lunar magic
 help you on the path to godhood, and healing the world.

> 6th parts of the path, and the 7th sneaks up on you and strikes at any
> time. So Lunar magic is about the whole 7 parts - just thinking of it as
> 'Illumination magic' is not right.

 True. All parts need be attained before godhood. Still, it would be
 mostly magic of insight, not of bladesharp.

 Nick wrote:

> > Illumination is also about accepting your shadow, and mostly that.
> Ironic that Arkat/Gbaji killed Gbaji/Nysalor, then. Probably the
> greatest Illuminates before the Third Age...

 Says who? I believe that they became one. Accepted each other, etc.
 Drastic: Chaos supports this point of view, too.

 Stephen Martin wrote:

> reputation for stealth (tigers). Could explain the old myth of pythons
> charming their prey into not moving. Although not _all_ animals would
> have such magic, I think that some should.

 This would make the hunters more desperate to kill a tiger.
 "You are what you eat." They would not need spirits, they would
 get their magic from beasts of the jungle. I always had Befuddle
 use foci like hen skull. Snake would just replace the hen where
 they are not found.. (well, hen propably use the befuddle only in
 secret, on themselves. They love the colors.)

   Back from the holiday in Mars..


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