Troll calendar

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Computer) (
Date: Mon 27 Oct 1997 - 18:16:07 EET

Stephen Martin asks:
        This brings up a question that has bugged me for awhile -- do
the trolls
        use the Theyalan calendar?

I'm certain that the Shadow Plateau Trolls (and Kitori) do... the OOO
was kinda THE bigwig when/where that was all being put together. I
strongly suspect that Halikiv and Guhan also use or have adopted it
through Arkats influence. DagInk would also prolly be pretty strongly
influenced by the OOO and Arkat, and use their calander.

The Blue Moonies calander is, of course, Weird and Secret. If you found
out what it was, they would have to kill you (gosh... there could be a
scenario hook there... the PC's find a chunk of rock with odd symbols
chewed into it... suddenly, they start to see Really big Moths around
the campfire...)

My trolls in Koromandol currently use a two-season ("winter" and
"summer") calander with the standard sacred time tossed in between. But
then, they probably havn't even ever heard of Arkat OR the OOO... Argan
Argar prolly wandered through once or twice, but isn't actually
influential or anything.



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