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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 28 Oct 1997 - 12:00:04 EET

Mark wrote:

> From time to time people will complain that, say, the cult of
> Babeester Gor gets magic that is way too useful. Logically,
> they'll say, every warrior would want to join this cult, but
> we know this isn't the case, therefore the write-up is wrong.

Arguably, we do only have a short-form writeup of Babs Gor. When
you see the full writeup (including cannibalism, self-mutilation,
and the terribly constrained life the Holy Avengers must lead),
you'd probably see better how it works. I only allowed one Babs
Gor character in my university game, years ago: the campaign's
theme was avenging a theft from an Esrolite Earth Temple, and
it seemed only appropriate. She was *scary*, too.

> It would be nice if after reading the [new rules'] description,
> people were left feeling: "Gee, worshiping Babeester Gor is a
> pretty harsh and tough thing to do, worshiping Ernalda is much
> more emotionally rewarding..."

Hurrah! But I don't think this is just a rules matter. I think you
can get much the same result by describing Gloranthan "reality" to
your players. Next time someone wants to play a Holy Avenging Axe
Maiden, open your copy of Tarsh War to the Cannibal Virgin illo.
And, if they insist, allow them to generate a cannibal virgin PC,
then assign her to Obese Thunder-Thighed High Priestess Guard Duty
where she can hang around polishing her axe and chewing dried strips
of dubious-but-offensive flesh while the rest of the players get on
with ordinary life.

Vingans, Humakti and Storm Bulls get more fun than Babs Gori. That's
why their magic isn't as good.



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