Barbeester Gor.

From: Simon Bray (
Date: Tue 28 Oct 1997 - 19:19:10 EET

Hi All,


 In my current PDP campaign we have a Barbeester Gor initiate. She is the
assigned protectress of one of the PC's. The PC is the Holy Emissary of the
Matriach of Notchet an important and influencial character.
Magda the BG is a huge hulking woman, clad from head to toe in thick furs
and armour. She is sullen, deranged and homocidal. The reasons for her
behaviour are due to her horrid upbringing and she worships the Dark Earth
as an outlet for her rage. Her position in society is respected. If she did
not worship BG, then she would probably reside in the Notchet equivelant of
Arkham Asylum. She spend most of her time in a tranquilised state. The Holy
Emissary spends an hour each week praying with Magda and feeding her
special herbs, without these herbs Magda is incredibly dangerous. Magda is
only released from her state by the command of the Holy Emissary, the
Matriach or the High Priestess of BG. She also is released if women are
threatened or killed in her presence, the Earth or its temples are
desecrated or if she is directly attacked. Magda is very good as a body
guard/weapon/defender/revenant, but would be awful to play as a PC.

 I do not beleive that all BG are like this. In fact I think that Magda is
quite unique in her existence. She does however show how little life a BG
cultist has. I also picture BG as being somewhat like the Witch Women and
supporters of Mebd and Slough Feg in the Slaine comics.


 Could MOB or someone involved in Questlines II please E-mail me about
artwork and Fonrit.


 Magda is waking up. I had better get the incense, rubber hammer and
Chlorpromazine ready.

Cheers Simon.


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