Re: Babs Gor

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Tue 28 Oct 1997 - 22:50:32 EET

A "long" write-up can be found at:
though it seems to be a very slow link.

I gather this is a powered-down version compared with the original. I
still think the reason the Crimson Bat failed to take Whitewall was that
it attacked the Babs temple and was taken out in single combat by the
High Priestess. (The Bat's male, right?) I'm assuming she had Greater
Gifts 95 and 97 (the Bat's demoralised, and she's immune to its Fear
effects). Add Axe Trance for 1000% attack, and there you go.

OTOH, maybe this cult needs toning down a bit.

Jane Williams


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