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<< I was reading parts of the Jonstown Guide and it mentions that in 1525,
<< local clans formed guilds which they control and which are based on the
<< special craft to the clan. I was wondering if anyone knew if this applied
<< to the clans listed in the guide (which are only a handful), or if all
<< clans associated with the Jonstown ring have guilds (which would amount to
<< a few dozen guilds)? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, are these
<< guilds something that is unique to Jonstown, or are they something which
<< applies to all the cities of Sartar?
According to Ingo Tschinkes Manuscript of the Jonstown Adventure Book there
were different clans of the Confederation that moved into the city and became
later the guilds. Only that clans that are active in Jonstown itself have
formed gulilds.

The manuscript (which is much bigger than the published Jonstown Booklet)
descibes the following:

- - The Arsgol clan (Traders and merchants) - They came out of the Arsgol clan
of the Malani tribe. It was their clan terretory on which Jonstown was build.
- - The Blueberry Guild (Spinner, Weaver, Tailor...) - They came from the
Blueberry clan
- - The Pants or Tarshites (Letherworker) - They came out of the Pant clan of
the Malani tribe
- - The Bormelder (Basketery and building things out of clay; i can't find the
english word at the moment) They came out of the Bormelder clan of the
Cinsina tribe
- - The Ystrads (Smiths) - They came out of the Ystrad clan of the Culbrea
- - The Bluefox (Woodworkers) - They came out of the Bluefox clan of the Malani
- - The Stonemasons (stonemasons, stonecutter...) - They came with Saronil from

All the other clans mentioned in the Jonstown Booklet are clans of the tribes
of the Jonstown Confederation, but are not active in Jonstown itself.


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