magic and combat

Date: Wed 29 Oct 1997 - 06:16:41 EET

Hi everyone.

FYI my local interpretations/variants to combat (including how many special
tactics can be simulated and WHY someone would want to use a flail instead
of a sword!), as well as an excerpt from my "Player's Intro to Runequest"
giving a perspective on the differences between spell systems. WARNING: I
think this is a semi-major departure from RQ/Gloranthan Canon.

Most of these rules have been playtested with some success in my two major
RQ campaigns (1190 Europe and Glorantha (Kaethela)), but some not, as my
RQ'ing ended when I (apparently) decided to try to emulate a human Broo.
[4 kids in 5 years.]

More to come. *Please let me know any opinions*. Long time digest readers
will have seen/heard me spout about this same stuff previously.

- -Steve (
or at work (


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