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Date: Wed 29 Oct 1997 - 06:23:31 EET

PLEASE NOTE BELOW MY CHAT WITH TAHGC. Apparently it seems that, if the
authors were willing, RQ:AiG could be put up "en web" IF, say, we replaced
"RuneQuest" with "BananaPeel" and "RQ" with "BP".
Authors? Comments? I have a web site that would love to host THAT.

> It very much appears that Runequest has gone by the wayside. Is this the
> case?
A brand new RuneQuest will be coming Summer '98. It's a complete overhaul of
the system, however, and won't bear much resemblence to the classic

> Further, I understand that a major work (Runequest:Adventures in
> was in progress at the time of 'discontinuation'. Is this true? The
> obvious question is: What happens to the work already done? If you are
> going to print it, does it disappear into a vault until Armageddon?
Chaosium now owns the rights to Glorantha, and Avalon Hill owns the rights to
the name RuneQuest and the game system. Chaosium will be publishing their own
new Glorantha RPG, and we'll be doing our new RuneQuest. While a draft of
Adventures in Glorantha was written, it didn't meet either the approval of
Avalon Hill or Chaosium, so I'm afraid it will end up in limbo.

> Is there any way this material could be posted/released? What about if i
> could get permissions from the authors?
The author could post his own work, though it would have to be without
RuneQuest references for our purposes. Chaosium may not want the Glorantha
name posted -- you'll have to contact them.

- -J.C.

- -Steve (styopa@iname.com)
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