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Date: Mon 27 Oct 1997 - 19:32:13 EET

Graeme Willoughby:

<< 2) Since the Knight caste was invented by Hrestol, what did St Horal do
 ? (Horal is the 3rd son of Malkion and supposedly Patron of the Knight
 caste that was only invented after the Dawn). >>

    As far as I recall, Hrestol invented knighthood, with all that riding
about on horses and being chivalrous and stuff, not the caste itself. Before
his time, the warrior caste would have consisted of infantry soldiers, as the
Brithini Horals are today.

<<4) anyone got a good definition of "human" for Glorantha? That is, if you
have a gift "double damage against humans" or a geas " never kill a human"
 (say) what does this include /exclude? Agimori? Hsunchen? Hsunchen in
were-form? Weartagi? Vadeli? Tusk Riders? Half-breeds like Pavis (the person)
? Ogres?Human-Broo? Any other near-humans I've missed?>>

     In the case of a gift/geas, it's going to depend what the giftee/geasee
thinks the word 'human' means. That's going to culturally dependant. There
can be very few cultures who would regard Tusk Riders or human-broo as
'humans', and most people would agree that Vadeli are human IMO, but the
others will vary. For instance, Lunars may tend to regard ogres as human, but
Orlanthi would not - largely due to their different attitudes towards chaos.
Likewise Doraddi would regard Praxian Agimori as human, but the Praxians
themselves (xenophobic buggers that they are) wouldn't. Non-human races like
the trolls and elves might well list all the races you mention (excluding
tusk riders and broo) as 'human', 'cos... well, they all look the same don't
they? Different colours mebbe, but basically the same.

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