Out of Prints

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Wed 29 Oct 1997 - 19:45:25 EET

I recall a couple people looking for Gods of Glorantha a bit back --

If anyone wants it, there are several copies in Pittsburgh! Games
Unlimited ((412)-421-8807) had two, plus a new copy of Foes and sundry
unsellable items (non-human character sheets, anyone?). Phantom of the
Attic ((412)-621-1210) had a copy as well, plus a fairly good selection of
RQ3 stuff. If neither does mail order (didn't think to ask) I suppose I
could pick them up next time I'm in Pittsburgh, and mail for people.

But, tragically, neither had the RQ3 Troll Pak, which I find myself in
need of. Does anyone have a copy to sell, or know where I could find one?
Failing that, of just the color map?

Never thought I'd be buying yet another write-up of Kyger Litor...


James Frusetta


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