Web Page Update!

From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Thu 30 Oct 1997 - 07:06:50 EET

I don't know if Shannon is going to make an announcement about this, so I

The Gloranthan page on Chaosium's Web Page has been updated! There are
runes, a number of new cults, all of the "What the Priests Say" articles
in print, the Cosmology and History of Glorantha articles from Cults of
Terror, and More Dwarf stuff!

Coming soon (hopefully within the next two weeks) are more cults, the
History of the Lunar Empire (1st to 4th Wanes), History of Dark Trolls,
info on dragonewts, and erratta for Nomad Gods.

I would like to thank all of the people who volunteered to help, most of
whom have been given a chance to. Thanks to those who gave permission for
their works to be included on the page. And finally, thanks to Shannon
for his work in maintaining the page. If you haven't scanned the page
yet, do it!


Or directly to: www.sirius.com/~chaosium/glor-main.html

Stephen Martin
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