chivalry and sorcery

Date: Thu 30 Oct 1997 - 18:10:14 EET

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+Old Seshnelan chivalry
What said Nick makes sense for me. I should not have written the words
caste mobility in the old hrestroli belief.

Besides castle coast, other populations of old hretroli are found IMG in
western Ralios, in Junora and in Jrustrela.
Kustria, a fief specially created in order to hold the Grand Tournament
where lords and knights may settle their dispute without imposing war on
their subjects, positively needs to have old hrestroli among its people.
Junora was cut off from Loskalm by the Ban. It is not impossible that
some regions remained faithful to old hrestrolism
When the Closing was lifted by Dormal, the Vadeli helped the Yggites to
settle in an island near Pasos. It is not impossible that they helped

castle coasters to settle some islands in the Jrustrela archipelago.

In RQ terms, to be allowed to pass the candidate test, a character has to
have two caste skills at 60% (since the Loskalmi church is an heresy of

the Laufoli sp? church, we can adapt the test to be allowed to become a
The recommendation means that the master think that the character has the
right stuff for the master's caste. A trait system may be used.

For the other castes, the master trains the candidate and watches his
behaviour. Progression in the caste skills and proper state of mind
(trait ?) should earn the candidate his recommendation.

Once 4 caste masters vouch for the candidate, he is ordained a knight
during a great ceremony.

He is given 4 items in order to mark his status; an iron sword (soldier
caste), a prayer book (wizard caste), a ring (noble caste) and a mantle
(farmer caste).

Wizardry may be practiced by loners in their towers. The magic is the
same as the malkioni magic.

I like both ideas from Nick about what the Malkioni do with wizardry.
The Brithini in Arolanit damp other magics, and tap any spirit that
remains. Humans feel a loss in Arolanit because of their shaman
potential. They usually feel the otherworld background around them, and
this feeling disappear while they are in Arolanit.
Monotheist sects try to do the same in their land (shamans and their
spirits are a threat), but it is a complex ritual and they often don't
have the ressource to do it, besides it may affect saint's blessings too.
A grey zone may exist around Seguranne (the holy see of Rokarism) for
example but it does not cover all of the kingdom of Seshnela.
Henotheists don't do that and try do destroy such rituals, since the
Creator has agents in the otherworld.
In both cases, a church is a worship site for the creator and thus should
have some magical protections.

Malkioni wizards know how to transform worship energies into mundane
Their rituals have different effects than the pagan ones.
The malkioni plow blessing (done in spring) allows the farmers to plow
more land than the pagans (in game term, it is like a multispelled bless
plow powered by the worship ceremony) while the pagan spring ritual
increases the plants's productivity.

BTW Sandy Petersen has written BRP rules for sorcery. How can I get them
without access to the WEB? Thanks in advance.



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