Castes are a good thing now?

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Thu 30 Oct 1997 - 21:40:27 EET

Paulo he say:
>I do not know whether the key to Malkioni success is magic, though.
>Their strength is in their caste system, which enforces social
>organization and craft specialization, allowing important technological
>achievements usually not available to "Jack-of-all-trades" barbarians
>and primitives.

I have never felt this to be entirely the case. The two largest sects,
the Rokari and the Hrestoli both fail to provide a workable caste sytem,
the first by failing to allow caste mobility ("You may be a spineless,
intellectual bookworm but your father was a soldier so you're going to
be a soldier!") the second by requiring it ("You've just managed to
master the arts of the soldier, now for a total change of emphasis as
you start to learn how to be a wizard.").

My own feeling is that feudalism with castes only works by allowing the
system to break down. Of course my own personally crafted heresy the
Julianists have none of these problems....

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Michael Cule


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