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Date: Fri 31 Oct 1997 - 00:18:39 EET

Frederic Ferro:

<< I suppose the Malkioni doesn't use the Theyalan calendar and may have
 a system based upon the Saints of the various Sects. Do they count years
 "After Hrestol's Ascension" instead of Solara Tempus?>>

    Hrestol's Ascension isn't as big a deal to Malkioni as the Resurrection
is to Christians - it proved a point, but it isn't the focus of the religion.
I'd always assumed the Malkioni count from Hrestol's vision of Malkion,
starting with that as the year one. This just so happens to look identical to
the Orlanthi counting system...
    The seasons, weeks, etc. would certainly be different though.

<< Do the Rokari use a more archaic, Brithini, calendar? >>

    Maybe. But they don't deny the Prophethood of Hrestol, just that anyone
else follows Hrestol's 'real' teachings. So they may well use the same system
as the Hrestoli, Stygians etc. The Brithini, of course, would indeed use a
different calendar, which has probably reached an immense number, rather like
that of the Dara Happans.
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