RQ4 Rules On-Line

From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Fri 31 Oct 1997 - 06:06:40 EET

To All:

Being a friend of Steve Marsh's for some years now, I asked him about
having the RQ4 rules on his Web Page. I knew they had been up at one
point, but I wasn't sure if they still were. Since there are possible
legal issues involved, I asked him about it. Here is his reply for all:

"Heck, they've been off the page since the time in 1996 when I deleted
shortly after they went up. I feel bad for the people who want them (the
copy I had up was cluttered, left and right, with my comments on the
 I had permission to pass the rules around, with my comments on them. I
looking for feedback on the comments I had added to the rules.
 Unfortunately, none of the people who were looking at the rules were
interested in looking for the purpose of adding to the comments, etc., so
concluded that the posting was serving the purpose of the consent I had
- --
though it was well within the permission I had obtained), but they will
to go elsewheres.

Hope that explains <a> why I put them up; <b> that I had permission; <c>
I took them down; <d> and why they are not going back up. Also, <e> why
try http://members.aol.com/Ethesis/mw2/hero/mw4/hero.htm where I have
great rules on-line <g>. Everything you need to run a campaign,

Steve has a lot of material on his web page, so I also urge people to
check it out. Though please ignore the fact that my name is on one of the
pages -- all I did was type some old articles in for Steve, I had nothing
else to do with it.

Stephen Martin
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