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Hi all

+Sandy's sorcery
P Hibbs and M Schwartz kindly sent me a copy. I thank them.

To try to become a candidate, a character has to be proficient in his
caste's skill. This proficiency should be notable, hence a 60% limit. It
could be higher since the Laufoli (ie old Hrestroli) need less knights
than the Loskalmi need soldiers.

Progression does not always mean a great skill increase. A character
under a master soldier who trains 12 h a day with his sword, will fail in
progression because he shirked his duties as a soldier, even if he
masters the skill in 1 year. But the master soldier wants to see if the
candidate is able to be proficient in weapon use, utterly incompetent
candidates don't need to become knights (at least in theory). And yes
deeds count for a recommendation.

The Rokari and the Laufoli share a problem. What to do with younger sons
(while allowing them not to change caste)?
For the farmer caste, they can always clear more land, or become crafter.
For the wizard caste, monasteries recruit.
For the noble caste, there are some options:
- -a lord can have all his brothers killed.
- -a lord can have all his brothers thrown out of his fief, to marry a
daughter of a sonless lord.
- -his brothers may accept to help the lord run the fief and not to marry
in order not to divide the fief
For the soldier caste, a lord who needs more soldiers may recruit them
into his service. Very often lords recruit soldiers who have a family
member in their current troop.
As a consequence the soldiers usually know their genealogy up to 5
generations (it is lifted from daughter of the empire, a novel by RE

A solution to this situation is to create more fiefs through conquest or
colonization, because it means more lord, soldier, and wizard positions,
and less unemployed troublemakers at home.

Nolos and Pasos set trading posts in Kethaela.
Seshnela sends armies into Ralios.
I thought it interesting for the Laufoli to colonize Jrustrela (a new
world beyond the sea). The bit about the Vadeli helping the Yggites comes
from ToTRM#10, I extrapolated for the castle coasters.



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