Flavoured POW

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Wed 29 Oct 1997 - 21:19:00 EET

Nick Brooke said:
>The argument that POW and MP are "flavoured" at source, then given yet
>a further spin by the cult you join, and finally by the specific spells
>you learn or sacrifice for, seems unnecessarily complex. I cannot see
>any great game joy arising from this approach. It seems safer to treat
>POW/mana/life force (cf. Gloranthan essays past) as a universal
>constant, equal in value whether generated by a troll, human,
>hippopotamus or what-ever. What you can *do* with your POW is then
>determined by culture and cult membership.

I agree that there is little point in assigning a specific flavoured
POW or "vis" to each and every being in Glorantha.

However, I liked the idea that apart from the general life force any
being has a magical being may dedicate part of its POW to a certain
"flavour", and use it separately from or in addition to the general life
force whenever that flavour is appropriate.

Hmm, doesn't this sound close to the RunePower concept, where an initiate
sacrificed into a divine magic pool? If applying this to heroquesting
beyond the cultural/cultic norm, individuals might as well build up their
personal stores of flavours besides the cultic pools.

I'm not sure that the POW pooled that way needs to be transformed into
divine spell ability - it might as well be a way to resist certain
forces, or to power other magic. Whether reusable (and if so, how) or
not is another issue.

So, assuming an Orlanthi goes on an extrardinary Yinkin quest, will he
gain beast magics, Yinkin magics, or simply Orlanthi magics? What if a
Yinkini Orlanthi does a Basmoli quest?


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