AIG, and a painting

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Date: Fri 31 Oct 1997 - 19:38:04 EET


> PLEASE NOTE BELOW MY CHAT WITH TAHGC. Apparently it seems that, if the
> authors were willing, RQ:AiG could be put up "en web" IF, say, we replaced
> "RuneQuest" with "BananaPeel" and "RQ" with "BP".
> Authors? Comments? I have a web site that would love to host THAT.

I'll forward this to Oliver and Mike, who aren't reading the Digest at
the moment.

Note that we may have to limit distribution for legal reasons, even if
AH gives permission. Also, as you note below, we'd likely need
Chaosium's permission to use the word "Glorantha" and Gloranthan
content, and this is not likely to be forthcoming.

The painting that Mr. Mohrfield refers to is gorgeous. It's also the
property of AH. It's too bad it can't be the cover of a Gloranthan
game, since it's very Gloranthan -- maybe Chaosium should buy it from
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