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Date: Sat 01 Nov 1997 - 20:23:35 EET

>The Glorantha Digest Thursday, October 30 1997 Volume 05 : Number 198
>From: David Dunham <>
>Subject: re: Mourning
>In my game, Sartarites smear their faces with ashes, in the shape of a
>death rune.

        In my Aggar game, there's some notable variation in practices, some
of which depends on the presence and development of the local Humakti.

        In the southwestern highlands, where most of my game takes place,
death is a serious and somber event. To some extent this is based on grief
for the departed, but it is primarily due to the dangers of the thinning of
the barriers of the Other World. Rites are performed to be sure the
deceased or other malevolant spirits do not come to the place of death and
the wounded family, clan, and tribe. Some clans remove the body through a
wall, which is then rebuilt to confuse ghosts. Most all burn specific
herbs and often dung as well to purify and disguise the house and

        Women and children and buried in a designated portion of the
cleared steadland at the edge of the wilderness. This keeps them from
being as likely to haunt the stead, and their graves also serve to bar the
wilds from encroaching on cultivated lands.

        Many men are usually buried near the sacred stone rings or atop moors.

        The highest honor is for one's corpse to be burnt, and this is seen
as protective of the living as well.

        In decadent Eneal and among the Mountain Tribes, rites and
traditions can be quite different.

        David Millians


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