Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #202

Date: Sun 02 Nov 1997 - 08:12:08 EET

>Magic road heroquests have been mentioned in sources
>from way back - ISTR one mentioned in some of the
>house campaign write-ups in WF, lo these many years ago.
> The main
>reasons I can see for not introducing more of them are
>1) the slippery slope to quests with more long-term effects
>2) a disinclination to making rapid transport available
The means? In my second campaign, we got to a level of HQ'ing (of course,
this was before I was on-web, and we ended up developing something similar
for high-rune level character activities WITHOUT the benefit of this
mailing list. Curious bit of parallel evolution, that....), and this was
one of the things that the Issaries guy wanted to develop (for obvious

He actually succeeded, at some cost. Unfortunately, it appears that the
Dragonewt roads exist at a near-identical "wavelength". This was not so
bad for him, but the the fact that his circuit crossed EXACTLY over
Dragon's Eye was distressing to the Sog City fathers. Hee hee hee. They,
um, SUGGESTED he fix the problem. He didn't want to , but his friends (the
other party members) did it for him.

(Gameplay note - ignore if you detest rules details. Whenever someone
transports from one place to another magically (teleport, etc) I find it
amusing to take a piece of yarn twice the distance beteen the two places on
a map, and pin it to where they start and finish, and then simply drop it.
Whever the line actually crosses, this is the physical world equivalent to
their "path". It can provide some hilarity when you are feeling cruel.
I.e. Hmm, it crosses Delecti's swamp? ok... "You feel like you hit a brick
wall, and instead of home (where you are supposed to be), you find yourself
hip deep in stinking swamp muck. It seems really creepy. What do you
do?") Muhuhahahaha.
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