Blind Illuminates?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Mon 03 Nov 1997 - 20:24:00 EET

Steve Martin mused:
>On Illuminates -- do people think they can still see the sacred meanings
>of these rituals, or is that one of the things they lose.

I strongly doubt that all illuminates lose the ability to see the sacred
meanings. After all, ol' Arkat was (sort of) illuminated, and he
perceived clearly the significance of his various religious practices.
Likewise the Lunars... - ok, the perhaps best elaborated example, Valare
Addi, made a major mistake in defining the Red Goddess through her rites
as Dendara the Goddess of Virtue - something not even devout Lunars
would accuse their goddess of. However, it appears that illuminates can
see the sacred meanings of a ritual, and _beyond_ them, something
non-illuminates can only guess at, or apply the RuneQuest sight to.

Note that the guesswork of instinctive questers like Harrek can easily
surpass scientific questing...

>I have this
>great image of the illuminated Orlanth priest officiating for years
>based on his memories, because all he can see is the guys in masks
>holding sacred implements.

This sounds more like an illuminate who has succumbed to the dark side of
illumination and lost all faith in his religion.


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