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From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 05 Nov 1997 - 11:19:03 EET

>> As people by the thousand will no doubt point out, to dodge a
>> special you need a special, to dodge a critical you need a critical.
>It may be a house rule - it's been years since I've
>looked at the central rules - but isn't this just
>the same for parrying?

        It is a house rule. The official rules are that a special parry
stops double APs, a critical parry stops any amount of APs, IIRC.

>> from Axe Trance (much better than comparable spells like Arrow Trance, if
>> you have a few MPs to spare - and even just an average Allied spirit can
>> easily provide enough to get you +100% or more), then the Babeestor Gor
>If you can sensibly expend all that POW in one
>fell swoop. This is where temperament and
>campaign style differ, I feel.

        Yes. I find in most situations in my game, the players are a whole
lot more worried about the enemy they are facing than any lurking ones -
especially because I don't tend to do dungeon/building complex exploration
type things very often, so unexpected dangers are not that common.

>My experience may be biased by the usual
>camapign lifespan being about 18 months of roughly
>weekly sessions, but it has been my experience,
>that there was no real difference between the various
>combat cultists, except for that due to good or bad runs
>with the skill checks, for characters who were still well
>away from contemplating rune level when the campaign

        Its probably quite true that the differences between combat cults
doesn't make much difference when the characters are well below rune level.
Unfortunately, characters in my games are quite often rune level, so the
differences very rapidly become apparent.

And on magic roads - there are lots of conceivable situations in which
magic roads are more useful than the mundane sort. Its just that none of

them are 'normal'. Basically, the magic roads are dangerous enough that
normal people never use them if they can help it, and tough people use them
only if whatever consequences of NOT using the magic road (ie the Lunars
getting to the Prince before you, civil war breaking out because the
message was not delivered, etc) are worse.



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