Special Parries

From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (Bernuetz.Oliver@cbsc.ic.gc.ca)
Date: Thu 06 Nov 1997 - 17:32:37 EET

David Cake to Mr. Tines:

>It is a house rule. The official rules are that a special parry
>stops double APs...

Hate to be a nitpicker but what page of the rules or the official erratta
is that on? I quote:

RQ3 Rules pg 50 Second paragraph under Damage to Parrying Weapons

"If the parry was a special success, the weapon takes no damage;.."

This refers to the parrying weapon of course.

Next paragraph notes (using the errata) that:

A successful special parry with a battle or hand axe will damage an
weapon that missed.

If I'm missing something in the rules I'd like to know.


Oliver D. Bernuetz


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