Tines Time

From: Nick Brooke (Nick_Brooke@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri 07 Nov 1997 - 02:31:05 EET

Love him though I do, I can't see some of Mr Tines' problems.

> Answers will either be right near as damn it; or egregiously
> "wrong" (modelling one's Lunar Empire, for lack of firm fact,
> on a real world expansionist Red menace, to take one extreme
> example)

Erm. Assuming you mean "egregious" in the normal sense, and not
as some kind of "Greg" pun which I might have missed, are you
trying to say that modelling aspects of the Lunar Empire on
aspects of Soviet Communism is somehow incorrect?

If so, this would come as a surprise to many of us here at the
Reaching Moon Megacorp, and to most attenders of Glorantha-Cons
in recent years (with singalongs, seminars and freeforms aimed
at exploring the Red Army, Red Empire, political officers, "New-
Speak" New Pelorian, etc. etc. ad nauseam for some).

If not, what *are* you trying to say? That the published/public
RMM "take" on Lunar Commies is "wrong"/"incorrect"/"worthless"?
I'm baffled, me.

> The intermediate "nothing will get published for a decade or
> so, and then you'll get Gregged/Sandied/MOBbed/etc".

So? You have ten years good gaming, and can pose as a guru when
your setting finally arrives near publication. Keep waffling on
about your favourite corner of the world here on the Digest, and
when Tales or Tradetalk or whoever are looking for an article on
your Specialist Subject, they'll ask you first. Then everyone
*else* out there can be "Tined".

> In the Lunars-as-Commies alternate, the presence of descendents
> of the few Sun worshipping nobles who escaped the Red Revolution
> living in penurious exile in surrounding lands, to be used as
> figureheads for invasions ... suddenly turns out non-canonical.

Well, we've known for years that the Lunars "embraced" Dara Happa
in a friendly alliance back in the Zero Wane, but fought against
them in the First Wane. Recent Greggery-pokery hasn't changed that;
while recent Megacorp shenanigans go to great lengths to stress the
differences between Dara Happan traditions and Lunar innovations.
(See frex Andrew Bean's piece in "Enclosure"). So, if you added the
idea that the Lunars chucked out *all* the Solars to your Glorantha,
contrary to the information available in old sources, that's fair
enuff -- but if you want to keep your campaign intact with *a*
set of exiled Sun-worshipping nobles (perhaps even more aggrieved
that so many of their compatriots have come to terms with the New
Order), I don't have a problem with that. Not all Dara Happans love
the Red Moon; not all Solar Nobles are loved by the current Empire
or Emperor; power politics always create losers, exiles and the
dispossessed (just look at Duke Raus!).



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