Lunar College of Magic vs. Silly Old Fools in Hats

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 07 Nov 1997 - 10:37:23 EET

Sandy unthinkingly reproduces the propaganda of ages past:

> Seven Mothers ... tend to be reinforced by the "third most skilled
> magicians in Glorantha" (after the Malkioni & Kralori). =

Cf. "Sorcerous Views" in Tales #13 for a more honest appraisal of the
dazzling brilliance of Lunar Sorcery compared to outdated, fossilised
magical traditions which Will Not Survive the transition to the Lunar
Cosmos (that now impends). The Lunar College of Magic has been moving
up the league-tables since its foundation, while the two previously-
dominant schools have sat on their fat, flexible fingers doing nothing
to advance the Mystic Arts one jot or tittle for millennia. Pfui!

"OldThinkers UnBellyFeel MoonWise!" (as we say in New Pelorian).



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