Conserving "ammo" makes sense

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Date: Thu 06 Nov 1997 - 01:11:48 EET

> >If you can sensibly expend all that POW in one
> >fell swoop. This is where temperament and
> >campaign style differ, I feel.

David Cake
> Yes. I find in most situations in my game, the players are a whole
> lot more worried about the enemy they are facing than any lurking ones -
> especially because I don't tend to do dungeon/building complex
> type things very often, so unexpected dangers are not that common.

You don't need to be in a dungeon crawl to need
to worry about conserving your ammo - sensible
tactics on the part of the other guys is a far
better justification.

If you're in Troll hunting territory, then one
hazard is running into such a hunt; a few trolls
with a bunch of trollkin as hounds/skirmishers
to find their prey and harry it with hit and
run sling attacks. Sure you might blow away the
first few trollkin who get too close, and the
hunters are quite happy for you to waste
impressive magics - and any other limited
resource - on them before they get involved
themselves. Plenty more trollkin where those
came from, anyway.

Similarly, nomad raiders. They aren't going to
hang around when they start looking overmatched,
but could well come around again after licking their
wounds for a second go (Standard operating
procedure for the Redskins in countless Westerns).
Just the thing to liven up a journey by ox-cart
along the old Pavis Road.

Aldryami would follow the same pattern, but in
the specific Babsi case, less likely to be a
source of armed opposition (outside places like
the Poisonthorn Wood, that is).

So it's not the unexpected dangers that might be
"in the next room" you should need to keep reserves
for. It's the expected ones, like the next wave
of attackers.


> And on magic roads - there are lots of conceivable situations in which
> magic roads are more useful than the mundane sort.

Then we're presumably agreed that it's surprising that little
development has actually focussed on the topic; given that they
aren't the "here comes Santa" SuperRQ type of heroquesting,
and given that PCs tend not to be normal people.

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