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This is my take on a detail from our last Glorantha-based

What we saw:

We had just departed from the Old Wind temple, when we
ran into a troll hunting party, out of the Troll Woods,
and were harried south past the Sounder's River before
we managed to shake them. Lost in the foot-hills somewhere
between Storm Walk mountain and Barbarian Town, we found
a cultivated area, and, at last, a steading, where we
sought hospitality.

While we were greeted with the usual formal words, albeit
in a quaint accent, these people did not seem quite like
we were used to. Their long gowns of plain wool were plain
and undecorated, despite our having seen a number of the
standard plants used for dye; and when we were invited into
the steading, Kathreda, the Babeester Gor warrior, was
led away from the rest of us. We spotted her again when
we dined, hair washed and loosed, and dressed in one of
the long robes the locals favoured, amongst the women
seated at a separate table. We at the men's table were
served first, though the meal was of only simple fare,
with spring water - no meat, no eggs, no beer,
no mead, and was introduced by a grace in very archaic form
that seemed to call on Orlanth Lightbringer, rather than
one of his more familiar faces.

We were shown to the moot hall to sleep (though Kathreda
was retained amongst the rather unsettled women), and
were surprised to see on the Thunder Post that Orlanth
was depicted with a Solar halo; and in the morning we
were roused from our slumber before sunrise to join in
their dawn prayers.

After another simple breakfast of plain porridge, we
were glad to make our departure from these strange,
intense, simple people.

A guess at the secrets:

Functionally, these people were detached from worldly
things in a manner somewhat akin to the Amish or
Pennsylvania Dutch people, sincere and friendly in
their own terms.

The clues given suggested that these people followed the
heresy that it was not Yelm that rose at the Dawning, but
Orlanth, who had retrieved the regalia and offices of the
previous Emperor - as a necessity to allow the normal
function of the laws of succession and inheritance, the
office had to pass from the previous, and now dead, holder.
With the regalia and offices came a whole bunch of other
Yelmic baggage (puritanism, the deference of women and
the like).

As proof of their assertion, they could offer the motion
of the Sun : in the Golden Age, Yelm sat unmoving over
the world. Now, Orlanth Lightbearer carried the light,
circling around and around the world, now east, now west,
now moving north, now moving south.

For the weather, they would look to Umbrol, the Body of Air,
and descendent demi-deities, rather than Orlanth Thunderous.
For farming and everyday life, Barntar, Ernalda and perhaps
Dendara would offer support. I don't see the rest of the
Lightbringers playing significant parts in their relatively
simple lives. Orlanth Lucifer and Ernalda would between
them offer various curative and healing magics.

Exporting the concept:

The odd corner of SW Prax had the virtue of being out
of the way, so is a reasonable place to lose things,
but there are possibly other places in Glorantha where
such a heresy might arise.

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