the deadlier of the species

From: David Cake (
Date: Mon 10 Nov 1997 - 07:59:58 EET

> The main reason they are not
>> most feared warriors is that most of their members are human females, so
>> they are not as individually imposing as members of comparable cult.
>It has been observed that women in terrorist groups
>are far more dangerous than the men.

        I don't disagree - I think the prospect of having a Babeestor Gor
assassin after you (who is likely to sneak into your court, axe concealed

with Hide Wealth, and suicide Berserk at you, and who certainly will track
you to the ends of the earth) is more feared by those in the know than an
angry Death Lord (who may well ignore you if you run into areas far outside
troll territory).
        But when it comes to a stand up fight? Well, the trolls outway the
BGs by a factor of about 3....
        (and the male dominated cults of Storm Bull and Humakt probably
still have a significant advantage. Which probably makes them more feared,
though the BGs may still be more dangerous. Friends who are night club
bouncers know - big people can intimidate people by their size alone, small
people intimidate people by making the threat of violence explicit.)




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