Ralian Sun Domes

From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Mon 10 Nov 1997 - 08:32:07 EET

Contrary to Dave Dunham's reporting of sources for a Ralian Sun Dome, I
have had several people tell me there is one in Ralios. But, I know of no
"Chaosium" source to this effect. Given the long history of Dara Happa in
the formation of the various Sun Dome Temples, especially in the Second
Age (when they had no presence in Ralios), I find this difficult to

And the modern Yelmalio cult has not been around long enough, IMO, to
have branched that far as of yet.

I favor no Sun Domers in Ralios -- they have two native Sun Deities
(Ehilm plus Elmal), I see no need to put Yelmlio there. It would have
worked when the Monomyth was in charge, but not now.

Jane, correcting me on Tarkalor
>Uncle? Depending on the date, the Prince would have been either Saronil
>(his father) or Jarolar (his half-brother). Which was it, and what am I

Sorry, I misremembered my Sartar geneology. It was probably his
half-brother, Jarolar, but what I think I was suggesting was that it was
his _nephew_, Jarosar, who was Prince at the time. The uncle part applies
to Tarkalor, uncle of the Prince. I am not sure of the exact year -- it
never came up in play.

We never got past the City of Wonders, and in fact never finished there.
The whole trip took place before the Sun Dome thing, surely -- thinking
about the events of the game, T's half-brother Jarosar was probably the
Prince then. So, sometime between 1552-1557.

I believe that Tarkalor's journey to Teshnos took place sometime in this
era, though I have no proof of this.

Patrik asking me, Joerg, and Nick about the Pharaoh
I personally feel that the Men in Red episode was Belintar (per the
definitions given recently), and that it occurred between bodies. N and J
may differ, as may anyone else -- who else cares to give an opinion?

Mr. Tines on GoG
>(Do we really need yet another book with the Kyger Litor cult
>in it, to take one painful example?)

I'll take that as a "NO" vote.

Mr. Tines gives more evidence to my "No Ralian Sun Dome" belief.

Stephen Martin
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